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Striker's Role in CW Guide

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Striker's Role in CW Guide

Post  Massive on Wed Aug 10, 2011 1:38 am

This guide will explain how to use a striker effectively during Chip Wars.

There are two major modes of Chip War: defense and offense

Defense will be explained first. Defending a Chip refers to not allowing enemies into your chip area and attacking your chip. There are three entrances to any chip, first are the two cades and the third is through the Portal to Craig Mine. Mostly, enemies will come from either cade.
Each cade has two entrances, meaning the two little holes that people can enter or exit the cade from. For a striker, the best place to defend is either between these two entrances (if the enemy is trying to push through both entrance) or behind one entrance (if the enemy is pushing through only one entrace). Make sure to siege so that your siege range is just slightly outside the entrance of the cades and that you are sieged slightly to the side of the cade entrance, not directly in front of the cade entrance. The benefit of this position is that all firepower is focused into a small area, especially deadly if using AOE ammo, also this is the best way to pick off/snipe people trying to push through the cades and it acts as a natural funnel (usually the first ones through will be archons anyways, making it easy to take out the head of the enemy).
Should the enemy break through the cades and get into your chip area, as a striker you must 1. stay BEHIND the melees at all times and 2. siege ONLY if the enemy is coming at you from one side. Number 1 is self-explanitory, number 2 means that if there are enemies coming from any two sides of you (for example enemies from the front and from the side) you must stay MOBILE and not siege. If you don't follow number 1, you will be hit with the full force of the enemy and as a striker your too squishy to take that kind of damage. If you don't follow number 2, you will be surrounded while sieged and they will kill you off before you can unsiege and move to safety. Apply these two rules at ANY TIME that you are not behind the cades defending, including for when the enemies come from the portal.

Offensive Chip Wars are split into two phases: pushing and DPSing. Pushing refers to breaking through enemy defenses and getting into their chip area, DPSing refers to the actual damaging of the chip to kill it. Pushing will almost always happen at cades, a striker's role when outside of the cades can be done in two ways 1. stay mobile and snipe enemies from behind the cades or 2. siege up so that your siege range is just inside the cades and snipe enemies. Number 1 allows for greater survivability and reaction speed when the enemy comes outside of their cades and tries to attack you, number 2 allows for greater destructive power and is more useful for killing enemies.
The most important part of pushing is when the melees dive. This refers to when the melees rush into the enemy cades and distracts the enemies. PAY ATTENTION TO THE MELEES WHEN THIS OCCURS, when the melees dive, strikers must take this opportunity and run into the cades and either 1. attack the enemies standing or 2. siege to the side of the enemy force and attack them. Again, number 1 allows for more survivability but number 2 allows for more attacking power. If you choose number 2, it is important that you siege ON THE SIDE OF THE MAIN FORCE, otherwise you will take the brunt of the damage of the enemy force, causing you to die. After you have established a foothold inside the cades, you can advance rapidly and push the enemy back (preferably back to their portal).

For DPSing, a strikers role is very simple, get inside the siege line and attack the chip. What is the siege line? It is simply a cluster of strikers, usually more of a circle or dot rather than a line. The point of this arrangement is to get the maximum effect of the Supporter Archon's attack buff. This formation is the heart and soul of ACC chip wars, incredible amounts of damage can be generated using this formation. Enemies may come into or attack the siege line from the outside, so it is important that while you are in the siege line to pay attention to race/all/party chat to know whether there is an enemy incoming. If there is, you must stop attacking the chip and focus fire on the enemy.
Another crucial phase during DPSing is the unsiege. Race leader/archons will usually spam this, FOLLOW IT. Usually this command will be issued to 1. a nuke or 2. pushing another race off the chip. For 1, run away from the chip until you are not within the green circle range of the nuke, if you can't see the green circle run keep running away from the chip until you get outside of the cades. For 2, run to the other side of the chip and push the other attacking race off of the chip.

If you follow these guidelines and the commands of your archons, you will be successful and win Chip Wars without problem.


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