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Melee's Role in CW Guide

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Melee's Role in CW Guide

Post  Massive on Wed Aug 10, 2011 1:35 am

So, after being in many Chip Wars, I have realized that Accretian melees, no offense, don't know what the hell they are doing. So, I am making a guide on what melees are SUPPOSED to do in Chip War.

Now you might be wondering: What the hell does a striker know about being a melee? Well, I have had lots and lots of melee experience in ACC, with tanks being my specialty, I'm sure many older players can attest to this.

Let me begin by saying as a melee, you will probably kill little to nothing in Chip War, its just how the game works, melees simply can't out-spike strikers, get over it. Another thing, melees will often take on A LOT of damage in Chip War, not necessarily die a lot, but take on huge amounts of damage. These two factors combined together might make the melee class seem undesireable, but if you have the pride and guts to make and stick with a melee class, well kudos to you, God knows you'll be a major factor in ANY Chip War, win or lose.

Lets start with offense, when ACC's are pushing into cades or DPSing BCC or CCC. There are two key stages to any offensive attack on a chip, for any race. First is pushing, second is DPSing. Pushing refers to breaking into the cades of BCC or CCC and driving the defending force back. DPSing is attacking the Chip when the other race is pushed back.
During Pushing the two races will often meet or engage at cades (the wall that has two openings that leads to the chips). These cades are of the utmost importance in Chip Wars, whoever controls the cades and uses them correctly can win Chip Wars. To control the cades during an offensive push, melees MUST and I mean MUST dive. What do I mean by diving? Diving refers to a melee rushing in through the opening in the cades and attacking/distracting the other race defending.
So, obviously this is not a desireable role or job, who would want to rush into 20 Coras or Bells waiting to destroy you? But the fact of the matter is, melees are the only class with enough defense to effectivly distract/attack the other race so that the main force can move in. IF the melees don't dive, what you get is a bunch of bells or coras inside their cades and a bunch of ACC strikers and specs outside the cades basically trying to snipe whoever is stupid/brave enough to go near the entrance of the cades. Now, in that situation, no ACCs die, and that is a good thing, but the problem is, no Cora or Bells die either, it is a stalemate, but ACCs are at the disadvantage because they cannot attack the chip, effectively doing nothing to win the Chip War.
This is why it is SO important for melees to initiate diving. Now, what can one or two melees do against a race? Diving is not about the melees killing anyone, it is a maneuver to buy time, when a big robot comes rushing into the enemy, they have to respond somehow, there three options 1. Run away 2. Attack 3. Ignore. If the other race runs away or attacks the melee, this buys time for strikers to move in and kill or inflict lots of damage on said player. If they choose to ignore the melee, then the melee can attack and cause damage, any option that the other race choses, it benefits the ACC attack, either buying time or causing damage.
Besides the physical effects of diving, there is also a psycological advantage, when an ACC sees another ACC rushing into the cades AND LIVE, they will feel the other race won't be able to kill them either, thus they will rush in as well, this leads to a domino effect of every ACC rushing in. At the very least, melees rushing in will generate some momentum for the main force to follow and push.
Ok so that is it for pushing, now onto DPSing.

DPSing refers to damaging/killing the chip that is being attacked. Now many melees think: Okay, I just dove into the other race, now I can just sit back and DPS the chip, WRONG. A melee's dps is puny in comparison to strikers, the main DPS power of ACC comes from the Siege Line (SL), so as a melee, your main job is to protect the siege line. What do I mean by this? This means you keep the other race occupied at their portal, keeping them from advancing back to their chip and destroying the siege line. This means you must actively chase the other race and attempt to kill them. Again, this is not a desireable job because you will take the brunt of the other race Regrouping and pushing at you with full force, but again, melees are the only class that can do this.

Now for defense. Defense refers to staying within your own cades and repeling any other race that tries to get into your cades to attack our chip. For defense melees have one and only one goal: Plug up the entrances to the cades. How do you do this? You literally use our own body to plug up the entrance, yes, run right into the entrance and stand there. Yes, you will get take a lot of damage, yes you will be debuffed to death, yes towers with fix on you and every member of the attacking race with them, get over it, this is a melee's job, suck it up and do it. Once and if you die or fail to plug up the cades, this give the other race free entrance and access to attacking our chip.

Now for some specifics on classes, skills, items ect. ect.

Obviously the best class for CW as a melee is tanker, they have the most hp and defense and can survive longer, effectively being able to do their jobs for longer. Next best is assulter, they have decent defense and also decent attack. Punishers are next because they are the most squishy of pure melees, but they also have the highest attack, which is better for offensive Chips wars obviously. Least desireable is cross-class, they don't get class skills, which aid a lot in any PvP situation, but if worst comes to worst, its the cross-classes that have to fill the melee role if no one else does.

As for skills, ALWAYS have your class skills on, these cannot be stripped from you with debuffs and often they are the most useful skills to have anyways. Next you should always have your elementary melee buffs on, they increase your attack, attack range and accuracy, essential if you want to hit/kill anything. Counterattack should always be on as well, it gives a melee with shield high chance of dodging, increasing survivalbility. Always try to get Nimble Joint (NJ) and Bull's Eye is optional. When diving or defending, always use AOE skills, these will hit dodgers much more than non-AOE skills.

Items to have with you at all times are: KNIFE AND SHIELD, this should be your default status, if your running to cades, have knife and shield out, if your Jet-packing, have knife and shield, if your diving or defending ABSOLUTELY have knife and shield out. You should also have a 2-hand weapon with you, sword or spear is prefered, the only time these should be used is if your protecting the SL and killing someone or if your lazy and decided to DPS the chip. Always make sure your pots are properly set, have defense chargers with you at all times, they will increase defense and survivability. One other potion that is a MUST is CURE CHARGERS, these will reduce debuff time and only take 2.5 seconds to refresh, have two stack at all times, they will save your life when those Cora and Bell mages spam debuffs on you.

So there you have it, those of you with the determination and guts to play ACC melee will find it a rewarding and prideful experience. Melees are a necessity for ACC in Chip Wars, and anyone who steps up to the challenge will be highly appreciated and welcomed.


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