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Glows Effects

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Glows Effects

Post  Sallatar on Fri Sep 02, 2011 10:32 pm

k so i need help figuring this out and bouncing ideas
plus i need somewhere safe to store this before i forget...

First you go into the item.edf and search a specific armor...
you then pull the skin code of the armor

skin code in this case is $7002B7

you then go to RF/Chef/ItemEffectList.txt and search for this code

You can see there are 2 effect codes: 492 & 477

you go to RF/Chef/EffectFileList.txt
--Look up the effect code
--Effect code points to an EFF file

We now open this EFF file with a dat editor

and inside of that file it points directly to the DDS (photoshop) file of the effect

In Itemeffectlist.txt the first column is the MALE glow effect reference
the last column is the FEMALE glow effect column

I have no idea what we can do with this yet... i havent figured that part out yet
But itll probably be something really cool... like custom glows on our own weapons


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