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The Importance of Cades

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The Importance of Cades

Post  Massive on Fri Aug 12, 2011 10:00 pm

I have talked about the importance of the cades in other guide, but they are SO important that I decided that they need a guide specifically for them.

So, each chip has 2 cades, and each cade has two openings in it. Each of these cades faces the direction of another race's chip, thus it is obviously set up for that race to attack through the cades that are facing them.

The cades are the gateway for attack and the inpeneatrable wall for defense, control the cades and the race will never lose a CW. While most race leaders and archons seem to know that the cades are important, most don't know just how important they really are. Think about it, when pushing, what do you have to get past? When defending what do you hold on to? Chip Wars are won and lost because of the movements and actions taken at the cades.

So how do you defend or push through the cades? Why do people get pushed from and succeed in pushing through the cades?

I'll start with the mistakes that people make when defending and pushing cades.

When defending cades, there are two mistakes that people make and they end up losing the cades: 1. They push too far, thin out their defences too much and can't defend properly 2. They fall back too easily/too much and get pushed back off the cades.

For the first situation, the cause is simply bloodlust and greed, too many people getting into the heat of battle and wanting to kill, they lose sight of the overall goal and chase too far. The problem with chasing enemies from cades is that the furthur you go, the more linear your forces become, simply because not everyone has the same movement speed. The more linear you are, the easier it is for you to get sniped because instead of a 10 v 10 situation it becomes a 3 v 10 or 1 v 10 situation since those furthur back cannot give you support while you chase and attack the enemy. The solution to this problem is simple, never let the cades leave your sight, push out as far as when the cades are on the edge of your screen, then get back immediatly and keep up the defense. NEVER chase the enemy too far out and get killed.

For the second situation, the cause is either fear of death or disorganization, too many people don't want to lose cpt and run away or people aren't communicating properly and do their own things and attack their own targets, effectively fractioning off the battle potential and power of the race. When backing off the cades from an attack, you create open space, this is open space that you once occupied that the enemy has now filled, the more space they fill, the less space there is for you to attack or move around in, until they finally force you completely off the cades and you are running around in open land where they can pick you off. With disorganization, random targets are being attacked, dividing the attack on any given enemy, the result if that there is a lot of damage, but no one killed, and when no one die, EVERYONE attacks and pushed you off. The solution to the problem of backing off is simply to stay close to the cades, even if it means you die, one death is better than a whole race losing. For the problem of disorganization, party leader, guild leader and race leader as well as archons much talk with each other and put targets up, coordinating the attacks on specific people, effectivly multiplying attack power.

Those are the major mistakes people make when defending the cades, now for mistakes people make when attacking/pushing the cades.

THE most common mistake people make when pushing the cades is that they DON'T DIVE, this refers to mainly melees (but really it could be any class) rushing into the enemy lines, generating time and momentum for the rest of the race to follow suit and push in with them. The cause of this problem is fear of death, people don't want to die, thus they don't rush in where the chances of dying are exponentially higher, but interestingly enough, THE MORE PEOPLE THAT DIVE, THE LESS THE CHANCE OF THOSE PEOPLE DYING. Since you have support with you and the other race usually backs off or is killed off.

So those are the major mistakes people make, but just what makes the cades so special?

THE CADES ACT AS A NATURAL FUNNEL, FORCING PEOPLE TO GO THROUGH A FEW AT A TIME. This is SO important in any combat situation. It is the same principle as to why Leonidus was so successful in 300, the cliffs acted as a funnel. In the case of RF Chip Wars, it turns the situation from 1 race v 1 race to 1 race v 2 people.
Now you might have noticed, the cades are defensive in nature, this is absolutely true, this is why it is so much EASIER to defend rather than attack a chip given that your number are about equal or less. But this defensive nature of the cades forces at least one race to be offensive, that is why there is also an offensive aspect to the cades.

The basic defensive formation for cades is melees up front, plugging the cades with their bodies and ranged/support units in the back, killing the few that tries to enter through the cades. What a lot of people don't realize is that even with ONE melee plugging the cades, it makes it 10 times hard for the enemies to get past if no one was blocking the cades. This is because it focuses the enemies firepower on one person who is tanking them (who they must kill to get through the cades) and not on the people who are attacking the enemies (ranged units in the back). So a tactic to use in cade defense is rotating tanks, don't put all your tanks in the cade entrance at once, alternate, when one is about to die, switch out for another tank.

The basic offensive formation for cades is melees up front, plugging the cades with their bodies and ranged/support units in the back. Wait, thats the same formation for defense, yup, paradoxically, defending the cades and attacking the cades are the same thing, just that one side is moving while the other side is not, so the same rules and principles apply.

When it comes down to it, the most important thing for cade defense is to NOT MOVE NOT MATTER WHAT while the most important thing for cade offense is to PUSH FORWARD NO MATTER WHAT, as to who wins, it depends on numbers, quality of players and brains to use terrain and skills to your advantage.


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