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HSK Defence for Acc

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HSK Defence for Acc

Post  Massive on Fri Aug 12, 2011 7:47 pm

This guide will describe the best formation for HSK defense for Accs, this formation, when done correctly will be 99% effective in defending HSK.

The concept of this formation is the same as using the cades during defense mode in Chip War, however due to the super-funneling and super-tight opening of the core cades, this tactic is multiplies the cade defense tactic's effectiveness.

Towers should be set up down the line of the hall into the core, in a zig-zag pattern along the walls. The specs themselves should be at the last opening of the entrance down the cades to the core.

All the melees should be stacked into the last cade entrance down into the core, completely covering the entrance should not be hard, even with one melee.

Striker should siege up on the OPPOSITE side of the last cade opening, as far away as possible while still having the edge of siege range covering the entrance of the last cade entrance. Forming a siege line

The power of this formation is that NOTHING can attack the siege line until they at least reach the last cade opening, simply due to the way the map is shaped. But, the shape of the map also FORCES basically 1-3 people to come down the ramp at once, making it especially easy picking for the siege line. With the help of specs' nets and debuffs, it makes the job of killing basically a single file line of enemies that much easier. The beauty also lines in the fact that no even the meles take on that much damage because they can't get attacked until the enemies reach the second to last opening on the ramp, again forcing the enemy into a single file line.

A note about HSK defence is that it if 10 times easier to defend HSK WHEN YOU GET TO THE CORE FIRST, if you don't get there first, then the enemy can use this formation or set up towers, making the job of fighting down the ramp that much harder, rather than being able to just set up defence.

PS: This tactic can be used effectively by any race, not just Acc, I just used Acc as an example, any ranged class can subsitute strikers and other classes accordingly.


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