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Advanced Chip War Tactics for Strikers

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Advanced Chip War Tactics for Strikers

Post  Massive on Fri Aug 12, 2011 7:34 pm

In this guide, I will describe advanced tactics for a striker during Chip Wars.

Cade Hugging:
Whenever you are trying to push into an enemy cade, but are making no headway or if you simply want to siege and deal more damage, you can use this tactic. For this, you are trying to mimic a tower, literally siege yourself right up against the cades, far enough from the cade entrance to not be attacked directly, but close enough so that your siege range reaches the cade entrance. What this effectively does is allow you to attack anything that comes out of the cade entrance (and slightly into one side of the cade) while not allowing anything behind the cades to attack you (unless they are at a very steep and akward angle). This is effective for sniping people off.
This tactic can also be used for when pushing into the cades, obviously the dangers are greater as you will be able to get fully attacked by the enemy, but it will buy you time if you hug the cades and most of the enemies will be focused on people coming through the cade entrance. This variation is best used when your pushing in early and others are pushing in behind you, you can cause massive damage when utilizing this tactic this way.

Off-Siege Lining:
This tactic is used when DPSing and a siege line is established, instead of sieging right in the middle of the siege line cluster, siege away from the siege line, enough so that you can see yourself as a dot on the radar. The purpose of this tactic can be defensive or offensive in nature. When you off-line closer to the portal side of the enemy chip, it is a more offensive stance, you will get targeted faster when the enemies push, but you will also be able to see and attack them faster than the bulk of the siege line. If you off-line further from the portal, you will targeted later than the bulk of the siege line, or you could be attacked faster when the other DPSing race attacks you. This positioning can buy critical seconds that can allow you to kill or defend.


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Re: Advanced Chip War Tactics for Strikers

Post  OverSwagg on Sat Aug 13, 2011 12:34 am


very nice mass Very Happy


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