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Advanced Chip War Tactics for Tanks

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Advanced Chip War Tactics for Tanks

Post  Massive on Fri Aug 12, 2011 7:08 pm

In this guide, I will describe advanced tactics for Chip War using a tanker/melee.

Using Crit knife/1h wep:
During defense and diving, when melees are in super close proximity to enemies, the basic idea is to distract the enemy and allow strikers to kill them. Most of the time during defense a leon's knife is used and a PvP/relics weapon is used during diving. The added benefits of both are obvious, leon's knife gives more survivability while pvp/relic weapons gives more speed to rush in as well as a boost in attack to do more damage.
However, there is another weapon that is more effective at doing these things: the Crit knife/1h wep. Instead of putting iggys into the leon's knife and 1h wep, put chaos talics in. Chaos talics crit enemies, effectively stunning them, there is also the added benefit of stopping their movement and pot use for a few seconds. So, make a +5/+6 leon's knife for defending purposes and a +5/+6 relic 1h mace for diving purposes. The relic mace has the added benefit of casting weakness as well as crit locking.

The Overdive:
During diving, usually tanks only go a slight ways into the cades and use an AOE skill, hoping that strikers and specs will come support him. However, a lot of times, this is not convicing enough for the main force to follow suit and the tank usually ends up backing out of the cades again.
This can be fixed with the use of the Overdive. In an Overdive, the tank dosen't just move in a tiny bit, he actually rushs into the depths of the enemy and targets the mages/archer that sit in the back. This will have two effects, one it will be a more convicing push and psycologically convince the main force to follow more and it will also drive the squishy archer/mages back as that is their first reaction when being attacked. In effect, this forces the damage line of the enemy back while moving your damage line forward, killing two birds with one stone.

Guard Collecting:
When DPSing the chip, what really annoys everyone are those chip guards, especially the strikers. Tanks don't do much damage anyways, thus there is a good way to make yourself useful: guard collecting. This is very easy, just use your AOE lure skill and use and AOE skill, this will wipe out a large area of guards and attract them to you, you can them kill or lure them away and allow the strikers/specs to not be bothered.


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