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Acc Specialist's Role in CW Guide

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Acc Specialist's Role in CW Guide

Post  Massive on Fri Aug 12, 2011 6:44 pm

This guide will explain how to use Acc specialists effectively in Chip Wars.

Chip Wars are dividied into two mode: offensive and defensive.

Before we go into a defensive or offensive mode explanation, let me begin by making a speical note. As an Acc spec, you can choose to go either Resser or Nimble Join giver (otherwise known as Turbo Boost giver). NJ giver is more suited for chip wars, but the should always be at least one resser for the race in Chip War.
If you are a NJ giver, it is important that you give Nimble joint to whoever asks for it, it doubles movement speed and is crucial for both attacking and defending purposes.

Specs can choose from a large variety of ammos to use, but there are five that they should have at all time: 1. Net 2. Viral Inject 3. Mind Control 4. Cure 5. Heal

Also make sure to have at least 10-15 towers in your bag at all times, farm and get the materials necessary, this is a must.

We will start with defensive mode. For defensive mode, the most important thing to do is control the cades, this means not allowing enemies through the cades into your chip area. Specs should first, before any enemy is even near your chip, set up towers, these should be set up along the cades, basically hugging the cades to either side of the cade entrance. Make sure towers are placed to the sides of the cade entrance, not anywhere near the actual cade entrance itself. Set up as many towers as you can, but always have some in reserve to set up later on in the CW.
When the enemies actually reach the cades, the specs should be behind the melees, close enough to the cades to debuff anyone that tries to come through, but far enough to not take any serious damage from the enemies behind the cades.
The most important debuff to use is net, once an enemy steps into the entrance of the cades or inside the cades, net them, this will make them quick work for the strikers, even tanks. If a tank come through, use VI after netting them, for a mage, use MC after netting, then you can pile on the debuffs to make them easier to kill.
If the enemies should push through the cades, specs can Stone Statue if you don't have enough time to move away, or move away with the main force. When trying to push the enemy off the chip, it is important to use NETS, this will immobilize the enemy, and once an immobilized enemy is within a striker's siege range, they are as good as dead. Be sure to never get surrounded and dive into enemies by yourself, always be with either a striker or melee.

For offense, specs have options for where to set towers: 1. around the enemy chip and siege line 2. within the chip area leading to the enemy's Craig mine portal. The benefit of 1 is defense of the siege line and DPS on the chip. The benefit of 2 is prevention of enemy pushing and an early warning system of enemy pushing.
For the DPSing phase of the offense mode, the spec themselves should be either next to the siege line, protecting it or pushing the enemy.
The specs are the freest class in Chip War, meaning they can observe the most what is going on. Due to this, they should always be on the lookout for enemy pushes and reporting information on all/group chat.
During pushing phase of the offense mode, specs should ALWAYS stay behind the melees, with the strikers. They should be spamming nets on Race/Party/Guild targets or anyone that comes through the cades (while your outside the cades) or anyone that you can catch (while your inside the cades). Again, VI on tankers and MC on mages.

In any situation, when someone is dying or is debuffed, use heal and cure nades on them respectively.

Follow these guidelines and you will have successful Chip Wars


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